steam horror game challenges you to overcome it quick enough to refund it

refund me if you may is making fairly of a statement approximately valve’s refund policy

it can look and play like an asset flip, however refund me if you could is nothing if now not clever with its premise: you’ve got two hours to evade a monster, get out of a sewer-like maze, and also you need to to promise—to your honor—that you will not request a reimbursement through steam. you’re otherwise, and the game isn’t shy about calling you this, a coward.

valve allowed customers to refund a sport on steam beginning in 2015 with only two standards for eligibility: 1. you need to no longer have played more than two hours of said sport and a pair of. you must request a reimbursement within 14 days of buy of said game. refund guidelines like this might make sense in an more and more digital-most effective landscape of video video games, but the two hour limit includes with it the danger of screwing over shorter games, permitting customers to kind of use the policy like a condominium provider. refund me if you could dares customers to be so shitty.

surfacing on steam today, refund me if you could, from sungame studio, is clearly a tough sport visually and i bumped into at least or 3 invisible partitions as i attempted to parse my manner via the dungeon-like surroundings. there are technically two video games it asks you to play. one in all them is the break out undertaking and time restriction. the other, more clever component i assume, is a “the game”-like assignment in which you need to comply with now not refund the sport otherwise end up, properly, a coward.

who’re you a coward to exactly? the dev? yourself? steam? what even is cowardice? selling at a low $three.99 on steam genuinely makes it clean to no longer refund the game. this could’ve been a more difficult challenge if the game cost above 10 bucks…buuuut with a game that performs and looks like this, i dunno if you could truly escape with charging anything past what sungame is presently requesting.

the game lives up to its premise from the second you load in. the clock starts offevolved ticking on the principle menu, not even giving me a freebie to interchange on complete screen and regulate some different things. it encourages you to jump into a brief educational that shows you the ropes. you get a flashlight, which i assume in no way recharges while it depletes (at the least that became my revel in), and you may lay down two extraordinary coloured flares to preserve tune of your movements, a inexperienced and red one.

that monster though. yeah. i didn’t need to be soar-scared like that so early in the rattling morning. the outlet caution, which is truly greater of a free contractual agreement to no longer refund the sport, states that the extent can be completed in 15 minutes. i placed approximately seven in before identifying to look what the monster might do to me. surprise, he killed me and i needed to start over, this time with seven plus minutes towards me.

refund me if you may is totally a “premise recreation,” so much so that there’s little else to enjoy right here outside of the “don’t refund this sport, haha” joke it’s supplying to the participant. i do desire refund me wasn’t so sloppy visually and mechanically, due to the fact this isn’t a awful premise! simply wished greater time inside the oven. or, perhaps ought to’ve been as a minimum cooked first.

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